How to treat the tear trough plus correct the nose course

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“Treating the Tear Trough and Nose Correction is for Experienced Cosmetic Clinicians”

The tear trough (under eye hollows) is one of most difficult areas in facial aesthetics to correct. Factors such as patient selection, injection techniques (combination treatments may also be required). The correct type and grade of product must be addressed to produce successful results. Before attending this workshop clinicians should complete the advanced botox and dermal filler course. During the advanced course you will learn to augment the malar and cheek area. When treating these indications you will also reduce the hollows under the eye.

Minor nose imperfections such as scars and asymmetry will also be covered with these products.

What products do we use for tear trough rejuvenation and nose correction?

The products used for hands on workshop are hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVEDERM, BELOTERO and TEOSYAL. Candidates will be assessing, and injecting patients, supervised by their trainer.

The main cause for the appearance of under eyes hollows with regards to ageing is the descent of the malar fat pad. We discussed earlier the benefits of correcting the fat pad with a high viscosity dermal filler and the reduction in the tear troughs. Therefor the area can then be corrected with a lower viscosity filler to achieve the results. Product selection and techniques may vary depending on the cause of the hollow, depth and skin condition. The tear trough and nose augmentation training will teach you the theory and injection techniques to successfully treat these indications.

Tear Trough plus Nose Correction Course

Contact KT Training. All courses include practical injection workshops.

Tear Trough Plus Nose Correction Courses