PDO Thread Lift Treatments and Training

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PDO Thread Lift Treatments

The PDO threads can be dissolvable or permanent sutures that are inserted into the skin to pull and lift the face to create what is called a non surgical face lift. They come with many different options including barbs, cogs and mono. The different threads each have their own pros and cons. Therefore patients and clinicians must understand the benefits and problems associated with each type of thread. The market has also seen brand names emerging some claiming to have new or innovative PDO thread systems. Most medical professionals will know threads and sutures have been used in medicine for many years. So this is not a new treatment.

Indications for PDO Threads

The threads can be used to lift the neck, face and body. The neck and jowls in the lower face have always been difficult areas to treat effectively with botox and dermal fillers, threads provide the ideal solutions for these indications. Therefore PDO threads can be beneficial for any clinics portfolio of treatments. There many more indication of the ageing face that can be treated effectively with the threads, however it is the clinician’s skill and judgement that is require when choosing the best product to treat the individuals indications.

PDO Thread Lift Training

The PDO threads have been used in cosmetic medicine for many years. Recently the interest in this treatment and the availability of training courses has increased dramatically. In 2015 we only held one PDO Thread course, In 2017 we have already schedules 4 PDO thread lift courses and all the dates have been full to capacity. This is due to the improved techniques that are less invasive and better products being available to clinicians.

The KT PDO Thread Lift Training Course will teach practitioners to lift the face and neck with mono and barbed threads. This course is only available to doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses. It is recommended that you complete the foundation and advanced courses with toxins and filler to ensure you have a good understanding of aesthetic medicine before attending the PDO Threads Training. During this course the candidates will be treating patients under the close supervision of the tutors.

Advanced Botox-PDO Thread Lift