Review the full introduction course for botox injections

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Review the full botox video lecture online with your complimentary Medical Aesthetic Academy account.

Online BOTOX Course

I would like to thank Dr Sotirios and the team for creating and conducting the live Introduction to BOTOX web seminar. We had over 100 members registered for this seminar and some excellent questions and feedback.  We know the date and time was not convenient for many members, so to assist you we have uploaded the full video lecture to the Introduction to Botulinum Toxins for Cosmetic Use module on the Medical Aesthetic Academy web site.

You can now review the full course theory from any mobile device or computer.

Members Instructions for the Introduction to botox training video lecture.

  1. Login to your account with the details sent to your email. address.
  2. Select the Introduction to Botulinum Toxins for Cosmetic Use module.
  3. In the first section click the Introduction to botulinum toxin video seminar link.
  4. Register with your name and email address.
  5. Enjoy the full theory for this course.

Members can also download hand outs for the foundation botox for cosmetic use lecture.

Thank you and we hope you find this resource useful.

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