Learn how repair and rejuvenate the skin with chemical peel and skin needling

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Chemical peel and skin needling

Learn how to repair and rejuvenate the skin with chemical peel and skin needling courses.

In a 1 day training course you can learn to use 2 of the easiest, effective and popular skin rejuvenation solutions.

The chemical peels session is during the morning. This covers he Alpha Hydroxyl peel and TCA peel systems. In the afternoon it is the Dermaroller skin needling course. These courses can be completed independently or you can attend both in 1 day. The theory for each procedure is completed via the online academy. When attending the training day you will have a short review of the theory and then the remainder of the session will be focused on practical application of the peel/dermaroller with patients provided.

The course also covers medical grade skin care products.  These can be combined with the skin care procedure or retailed separately.

Chemical peeling and skin needling can be used also be used to treat a wide range of skin problems. These include acne, melisma, hyper pigmentation and 

What qualifications do you need to train and provide these treatments?

For TCA Chemical Peel you will need to be a medical professional doctor, dentist, nurse, midwife or pharmacist.

For AHA Chemical Peel a Beauty Therapist NVQ3 can apply up to a 35% peel, anything over 35% needs a medical professional (doctor and dentist up to 70%).

With the dermaroller and derma pen a Beauty Therapist NVQ3 can use up to 1.5mm roller, medical professionals can also use longer needles 3.0mm.

Want to learn about cosmeceuticals?

When attending the peels or dermaroller courses KT Training will provide the online cosmeceutical course. This course will enable you to introduce these innovative skin care solutions to your clinic.

To find out more information about chemical peel training and micro-skin needling courses contact KT Training.

Email: info@kttraining.co.uk

Call: 01793 323786

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