Dr. Leah Totton; a Doctor with a Plan!

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Regardless of looks, youth or position, Dr Leah Totton has caught the attention of the producers of the Apprentice, and Lord Sugar himself! How did she do it? One of the most importance aspects of her success is that she took the time to make a business plan. Say what you want about reality television, but business plans and strategy are necessary in any type of business venture; including Medical Aesthetics.

The Medical Aesthetics Business

The business element of medical aesthetics is hard for medical practitioners to get their head around because for the most part, they have never had to attract customers. If someone needs an operation, or a root canal, they are not going to wait for a practitioner to be nice to them before they get the procedure. We take for granted the fact that customers come to us without us planning for it. Furthermore, after we print out some business cards, leaflets, and get our friend to make us a website, we think our work is done! Hello pound signs, thanks for coming. Relax and stay a while. Unfortunately for us, the medical aesthetics industry doesn’t work that way.

Have you ever wondered why the Dragons on Dragon’s Den never seem that interested in Hair or Beauty Salons? It is the same reason why you see generic Hair and Beauty Salons appear and disappear, only to reappear on your local high street year in and year out. The salons are selling a service that is similar to others, and they have not done any strategic planning to ensure that customers stick with them and don’t move to a competitor.

Now think of the medical aesthetics industry. It has been around since the days of cellular and yet it doesn’t have any long lasting global brand names. You have to respect Dr. Leah Totton. She may be young, and new to the industry, but she has realized the importance of a sound business plan and even if it may not be perfect yet, she is aligning herself with people that can help her.

In closing, individuals within and on the fringes of this industry are rightfully concerned with the ethics of it. Dr. Totton was trained by KT Training and they have been preaching that one of the best ways to raise the standard within the industry is to give the customer a level of service and quality to expect of all practitioners. The only way to do that is to grow business in a planned and structured way. Dr. Leah Totton is prepared to do it, are you ready to compete with her?