Dermal Fillers HydraFill® to Juvederm Ultra® a Journey

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The evolution of the JUVEDERM ULTRA dermal filler

HydraFill( hyaluronic acid dermal filler) was launched in the UK market in 2004. The Hydrafill product line is  manufactured by one of the largest known producers of hyaluronic acid, Corneal Laboratory (also manufactured the original Juvederm and the marketing and distribution of the Hydrafill Product Line was executed by  Inamed Facial  Aesthetics  (now part of Allergan jInc).

The HydraFill Product Line quickly became a competitor to the Q-Med Range (Restylane, Perlane, Vital etc…) due to the fact that the product is softer and more forgiving. The product is non particulate and give a smoother finishes and minimizes lumping in the lips and nasolabials.

HydraFill Product  line consisted of  three grades, 1,2 and 3 for fine, medium and deep lines respectively.

Corneal Laboratories and Inamed Facial Aesthetics  also produced the same dermal filler for the American market under the brand name Juvederm. The Juvederm Range in the United States came in Grades 18, 24 and 30. They also produced additional produced line under the brand name of Juvederm 24HV and Juvederm 30 HV. for facial volumising and hollows.

The HydraFill Product Line  in the United Kingdom  was again redefined in 2008 and  rebranded and consolidated into 2 grades which were named  HydraFill  SoftLine for medium lines and HydraFill SoftLine Max for medium to deep lines including volumising.  Even  with the confusion of changing the brand names, the product range  achieved  great success due to its forgiving nature and natural looking results.

These products are still  produced by the Corneal Laboratory which is now owned by Allergan.

After the merger of Inamed and Allergan the dermal filler product range was again rebranded

The HydraFill Softline brand was discontinued and  instead Allergan introduced the Surgiderm XP range of dermal fillers to replace the Hydrafill range in the United Kingdom. UK also produced  a similar range under the Juvederm Brand Name and at a higher price. They then engaged in a multi million pound campaign to create brand awareness for the Juvederm Line. The intent is to get the public to demand the more expensive Juvederm range instead of the Surgiderm XP range which is priced less than the Juvederm Range.

In 2010 Allergan introduced the first dermal filler product with lignocaine which is branded  Juvederm Ultra.

Juvederm Ultra is now one of the most popular dermal filler products available. Most injectors will say that this product is more malleable and forgiving especially for new injectors. The quest is to crosslink the hyaluronic acid to withstand mechanical movements ,which breaks down the implant quickly, at the same time maintaining the softness of the implant. This is a challenge of most dermal filler manufacturer and Corneal seems to have an advantage in hyaluronic crosslinking technology. They are able to manufacture hyaluronic soft tissue dermal fillers that is long lasting and forgiving. Far superior to other products on the market.

At this time(2010),  Allergan manufactures and markets  Surgiderm XP® Range, Juvederm Ultra® Range and Voluma ® as its dermal filler range .

Voluma® which was introduced in 2009 to the UK.  Voluma®  is a highly viscous dermal filler technology which can be used for cheekbone implants and Jawline redefinition. This product is part of the VYCROSS range of fillers. This innovative filler is taught to clinicians on the Liquid Face Lift Course. This course also includes the 8 Point Face Lift training.

KT Training provide dermal filler training courses using all of the Allergan Ranges for medical professionals in the UK. We fell that this is the best product range for injectors to use to achieve a forgiving and natural result for patients.

KT Training has over 17 years of experience in the Non Surgical Industry. Our owner was the former International Sales Director of Collagen and has seen many new products appear on the market which has disappeared within a year. In this area of medicine it is best to use products  that has demonstrated continued improvements in safety, persistence and forgivingness. The products endorsed by the training company should not be biased and should be selected for the trainee’s benefit and not because the product is given to the training company for free.

Our dermal filler trainers are experienced with a wide range of dermal products and will also provide unbiased reviews.

KT Dermal Filler Training Courses are NOT manufacture sponsored and provide unbiased reviews on the range of dermal filler products available on the market.