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HA Lip Filler Injections and Courses

In aesthetic medicine we have a wide range of solutions for patients who require the improvement of various facial and body indications. The lip filler injections with HA dermal fillers are one of the most popular indications for patients of any age.

The hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are one of the most versatile tool for any cosmetic clinician. A dermal filler can be injected to treat lines, folds and add volume to an ageing face. One of the most popular is the lip treatments. Lips can be defined, enlarged and contoured with the hyaluronic acid fillers.

In this article we will review the indications around the peri oral region that can be treated with these products.

Choosing the correct dermal filler product and best injection techniques are essential when performing these treatments.

Lip Indications for Dermal Filler

The lip treatments include cupids bow, vermillion border, philtrum ridge, and the body of the lip. We can also inject the down turned corners of the mouth to lift the smile. All of the lip indications will encounter volume loss as we age. The dermal filler is used to temporarily replace this volume.

Vermillion Border

Lip Filler Injections Vermillion

The vermilion the border is a thin line between the lip and surrounding skin. This area is the focus of rejuvenation because even 1 mm of vermilion misalignment may be noticeable. This area loses definition over time. When injecting dermal filler along the vermillion border the ageing lip border can be redefined and therefore rejuvenated.

Philtrum Ridge

Lip Filler Injections Philtrum Ridge

The phitrum ridges are the verticals lines between the nose and the mouth. Again these lines become less prominent over time. Therefore the injection technique used will re define this area to reduce the signs of ageing.

Body of the Lip-Augmentation

Lip Injection Training Body

The body of the lip can be enlarged or the shape contoured. This is the most requested lip treatment. This treatment is popular with the young and older patients, the lip can be thin or not pronounced enough at any age. Although older patients experience volume loss, a younger patient may have naturally thin lips and request this treatment.

Corners of the Mouth-Oral Commissures

Lip Injection Training Oral Commissures

The corners of the mouth also know as oral commisssures can be treated with dermal fillers. The injection of this area will turn the corners of the mouth upwards to produce a much more appealing result and enhance the smile.

Lip Filler Injections,  Courses and Training

At KT Training we teach candidates how to inject the lip during the Foundation Dermal Filler Training Course. Many other companies do not include this in their foundation or introduction to courses. This requires candidates to attend and pay for a second foundation course just to learn the lip procedure. The injection techniques for lip augmentation are the same as the other foundation procedures covered on the courses; therefore it is very easy to teach candidates how to inject the lip during the foundation course.

However in 2015 we introduced the Lip Master Class. This is a 1 day course focused on the lip procedure. Candidates who have attended a dermal filler course elsewhere can now choose to attend a KT Training Lip Course which will ensure they receive the core knowledge and enough injection time to be confident with the procedure. This course also includes Hyalase® to remove unwanted dermal filler and pain management.

The KT Training Lip Master Class  is a focused lip filler injection course . It is open to doctors, dental professionals, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists. This is the best training course for any practitioner who wishes to perfect the assessment, artistry and injection techniques for the lip.

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If you would like a lip treatment during one of our courses visit the cosmetic treatment models web site and register your interest.

During this course we will use Juvederm and Teosyal range for the lip filler injections. However we will review a range various dermal filler products during the theory part of the course.

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